Astrobiology is a wide field of research permeating several disciplines in which atmospheric sciences are included. Since its study subject, life beyond the Earth, has still to be found, planetary exploration is a particularly active research front with respect to this matter.
Apart from the closest objects within our Solar System, to which it is possible sending probes for a direct study, the search for life relies on the use of remote sensing instruments so, since atmospheres, when present, are the outermost constituents of planets and moons, and hence the easier to be observed, Atmospheric Sciences mean a key area for astrobiological investigations.
Therefore, the Group of Atmospheric Science focuses in the study of the interaction atmosphere-biosphere in order to establish detectable signs of the presence of life such as the disequilibrium it necessarily induces in the earlier.
We are members of the Nordic Network of Astrobiology and the Swedish Astrobiology Network.