Credits: NASA/JPL

Since the beginning of REMS operations on Mars (August 2012), the observations from REMS are regularly released to the Planetary Data Base (PDS) at the Atmosphere Node in NASA PDS website.

This open access archive contains the REMS raw data (EDR) and reduced data (RDR). These files gather the data from all the sensors that compose the instrument (wind, air temperature, ground temperature, ultraviolet, humidity and pressure), as well as ancillary data from the rover and the Sun, and data quality labels. The data files are a time ordered sequence of rows organized into several tables. Each data product contains one sol of REMS activity (namely at least 5 minutes of measurements at 1 Hz, and up to 7 hours of continuous extended acquisitions at 1 Hz).

REMS Science

After more than three and half years of operation on Mars REMS has acquired an unprecedented record of environmental measurements, which can be used to provide ground truth to orbiter observations, inputs for comparison and fine tuning of general and mesoscalar circulations models and for photochemistry and radiative models. This long time record of observations of REMS from Gale crater on Mars has allowed us to improve our understanding about the surface environment, the radiative budget, radiation doses, the boundary layer, cloud dynamics, the thermal tides and other global and local circulation patterns including that of water, dust, CO2 and other minor atmospheric components.

REMS scientific exploitation bibliographic database

List of papers produced from REMS data analysis

REMS Data Simplified File

This file contains a selection of our processed data: maximal and minimal pressure, and air and ground temperatures, and maximal RH and UV radiation (including noise reduced values for ground temperatures, splined pressure value over the day, air temperature without thermal contamination of the rover and global UV radiation).

Download REMS Data Simplified File