Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino. It's a 24 hour-long event – organized directly by the community, or by the Arduino founders – that brings people together to share their experiences and learn more about the open-source platform. GAS wants to contribute to this wonderful way to bring together technology and science called Arduino developing a “Fika Arduino’s Day” at Luleå University of Technology sharing some Arduino’s “tricks” used in one of the amazing environmental GAS Projects called LEMS, a “clever” weather station to measure snow and precipitation pH. All conducted by some of our brilliant PhD candidates of GAS Tashwin Mathanlal, Miracle Israel Nazarious, and Abhilash Vakkada-Ramachandran. A unique chance to acquire technology skills from laboratory straightaway!
Arduino is official partner of GAS.


The Group of Atmospheric Science (GAS) enthusiastically participated in this year’s Star Wars day (4th of May), a tribute established by the fans of the famous saga, which has hooked successive generations of public all around the world. This celebration offers a unique chance to highlight some of the Group’s projects, whose application was somehow advanced in the movie series, as well as to attempt an amusing assessment of how much of science, and how much of fiction can be appreciated in this “sci-fi” epic story.

MARS colonization debate

Last May 10th, Professor María-Paz Zorzano and José Antonio Gordillo Martorell, of GAS/LTU, participated in the forum Mars Habitability, organized by the Spanish foundation Pablo VI, Madrid, Spain.