We transform research projects from our INSPIRE Lab in learning projects to inspire students with science and technology. From Mars to the classromm sgtraight away! Could it be possible to simulate a natural environment with microorganisms to investigate their metabolic activity? How could it be monitored? We start with these science questions, and propose the challenges to teachers and students to investigate metabolic activity of microorganisms in soil from electrochemical and gaseous bio signatures by using an instrument based on METABOLT Project.

LEMS (Luleå Environmental Monitoring Stations)

LEMS is a new concept of environmental station to monitor emissions from vehicles and industries in the city of Luleå. The observations of these stations will provide a glance at pollutants in the environment, snow and rain, which in the long run can affect snow albedo and precipitation, ultimately affecting the local climate and hydrology. We improve all he social and environmental dimension of the project through the training of students to use this technology for facing serious environmental problems thanks to a better understanding of their own environment.

Gamifiying Mars science

From Curiosity Rover to your videogame console. We use REMS data from Curiosity Rover of NASA to build a Mars videogame to learn millions of curious things about our red neighbour. Videogames are a new powerful learning tool we want to use in a different and innovative way with some of the main “players” of the sector as videogame programmers, videogame students, teachers, companies etc…