Inspiring people with Science; Inspiring Science with people

GAS is not only a cutting-edge research group, it is also a team who wants to share and inspire people with their scientific knowledge using a completely new concept of science communication called “From the Laboratory to the audience straight away” with no intermediaries. It is an outreach oriented towards quality science background, audience centered, multidimensional, measurable and low-cost.

Current Science Communication Projects

GAS is innovating in the way scientists communicate with people developing new and attractive science communication formats as touring exhibitions, outreach field campaings in situ, science communication projects which try to face social and environmental global/local problems etc… Take a look some of GAS current science communication projects.

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GAS scientific knowledge has inside an immense learning potential for all kind of audiences. GAS cooperate with different educative representatives to promote scientific and technological careers specially in young people. “From Laboratory to the classroom, straightaway” is an innovative way to apply the most hands-on science learning methods hand in hand with GAS researchers.

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Science Communication Activities

Share quality science contents, get good ideas and feedback from the audience and be part of social debate about hot space exploration and environmental nowadays topics are some of the aspects GAS ins trying to achieve developing a complete science communication activity program by itself or in cooperation with others.

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Citizen Science

Be part of Science GAS Crew and convert into a truly researcher helping us to explore the universe. From this platform everyone can take part in real cutting edge research in fields as Mars surface images exploration and analysis to unlock answers and contribute to real discoveries.


Science Communication Research Training and Networking

Apart from the immediate aim of the science communication commiment of the Group of Atmospheric Science, which is obviously to bring its research within the direct reach of the public in a comprehensible way, the development of the scheduled activities provides data whose analysis allows a straight evaluation of the obtained results. From this evaluation, it is possible to define improved strategies in order to reinforce the efficiency and the reach of the science communication itself.
We are part of some international science communication projects and some of the most relevant international science communication institutions. We are especially interested in SC training skills and new science communication evaluation methods

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