Chaired Professor Javier Martin-Torres has been invited as expert in United Arab Emirates University International Innovative Network for Space Science (UAEU-IINSS)

Chaired Professor Javier Martin-Torres is one of the experts that has been invited to be part of the UAEU International Innovative Network for Space Science (UAEU-IINSS), led by the UAE University. UAEU-IINSS is an international network to jointly carry activities, projects and programs related to space science.

The main goal of UAEU-IINSS is to conceive, plan, execute and manage activities related to space science themes at an international level to make UAEU an active part of the global space arena in alignment with the national vision for space exploration and to take major steps towards making UAEU a world-renowned hub for space science research, development and education.

This network will act as advisory network for related Space Sciences and Technology activity organized by Space Sciences and Technology Working Group of UAE University. Members will be invited twice a year for discussion on topics related to Space arena. The network will be launched on 6th of February 2019.