Rymdforum 2017

Last 8th-10th of May, the 2017’s edition of the Space Forum Sweden (Rymdforum)took place in Kiruna, with the attendance of several representatives from the Atmospheric Science Group, including its chair, Javier Martín-Torres. There was a talk in the agenda reserved to the Group’s activities which, as could not be otherwise, was focused on HABIT (Habitability, Brines, Irradiation and Temperature), one of the cornerstones for the Swedish space sector progress and the main project the Group is involved in.

Professor María Paz Zorzano conducted the talk, which consisted of a summary of the long and arduous process the development of the instrument needs in order to assure the eventual accomplishment of its scientific objectives with relation to the Mars exploration, as well as the technological ones, which hopefully will reach beyond the scope of ExoMars 2020 mission. The process includes an intense programme of field site testing of prototypes, especially important regarding one of the units of the instrument: BOTTLE (Brine Observation Transition To Liquid Experiment), since it is a totally novel device which is being made from scratch.
Besides, many protocols, calibrations, analytical procedures and scientific exploitation methods are being developed along the design and making of the physical instrument, each of them requiring specific and thorough works.
Space Forum Sweden is an enterprise aimed at spreading the activities of the Swedish space sector among all the agents (industry, researchers, decision makers…) involved in it. It is also a way of keeping them in contact, facilitating the flux of information and the coordination of their respective activities, so that all the efforts contribute advance in a common direction. The involvement of social media, as a link with the general public, is another important goal for the association.
The conviction that space research and space technology are pillars not only for the advance of knowledge in a cutting-edge front of science, but also for the economic development of the country, is on the basis of this joint initiative to strengthen the sector in every area it includes (from Earth observation to space exploration), as means to reach a wealthier future.

Part of the delegation from Atmospheric Science Group at Rymdforum 2017 and Professor Zorzano during her talk.