PVT-GAMERS Project in the top 3 of the INNOSpace Masters OHB Challenge!

PVT-GAMERS (Pressure-Volume-Temperature GAuging Method for Electric pRopulsion System) project has reached another successful milestone in its development process by being selected as one of the finalists in the INNOspace master competition which, on this occasion has been convened under the slogan of “space moves”. The project’s team will be invited to participate in the final, in April, where they have to defend their proposal again, and an overall winner will be chosen to be publicly announced during the Conference and Awards Ceremony, to be held next 5th, June, at the Humboldt Carré in Berlin.

INNOspace master competition logo

INNOspace masters competition is organized by the Space Administration of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and includes four challenges sponsored respectively by DLR itself, OHB system, Airbus, and ESA Bussines Incubator Centers (BIC). In particular, PVT-GAMERS has been submitted in the OHB challenge.
OHB System is a multinational space corporation settled at Bremen, Germany, which is developing key ESA’s projects, such as Galileo, as well as other environmental and telecommunications satellites networks, and the challenge sponsored by this company is aimed to look for outstanding ideas which can contribute to the development of the space sector by providing competitive solutions with lower costs, faster availability, and improved performance with respect to the current technology.
PVT-GAMERS fits perfectly with this profile. It is an innovative and simple method which allows to accurately determine the remaining amount of propellant in spacecrafts, a determinant factor when establishing their maximum lifetime. This way, PVT-GAMERS offers the possibility to extend the operational period of commercial and scientific satellites, increasing their profitability and scientific outcomes respectively. Besides, this method provides a means to improve the efficiency of the propulsion and the management of the required specific impulses in attitude control and station keeping manoeuvres.
The prize of the OHB Challenge consists of all the necessary tools to start bringing the winning idea further into implementation, including access to relevant expert knowledge from the OHB Group, cooperation opportunities at a European level through the companies in the OHB Group, possibility of joint technology development programmes, pitch opportunity at OHB Venture Capital, and support for marketing the project at International Astronautical Congress 2018, to be held at Bremen.

PVT-GAMERS team at Luleå University of Technology.