Dr. Paul Overduin meets Atmospheric Science Group

Dr. Paul Overduin, a Senior Scientist at Alfred Wegener Institute's (AWI) Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Potsdam (Germany), visited the Atmospheric Science Group last 9th January, and interacted with some of its researchers and students.
Dr. Overduin holds several significant scientific positions, such as Hydrochemistry Laboratory Leader at AWI, AWI Coordinator for the Geo.X Coordination Platform, Co-Leader of the Arctic Coastal Dynamics (ACD) Project, and Co-Chair of the Coastal and Offshore Permafrost and Hydrates Working Group of the International Permafrost Association.
His recent research focus is mainly on submarine permafrost in the Arctic, and his visit was primarily focused on finding common areas of research interests where the INSPIRE Lab can contribute as an instrumentation developer for various cryospheric measurements as well as a scientific collaborator. Dr. Overduin actively interacted with Dr. Anshuman Bhardwaj, (Associate Senior Lecturer), and the PhD researchers regarding the various in-house scientific instruments, including HABIT (HAbitability, Brines, Irradiation and Temperature), METABOLT, PACKMAN (PArticle Counter k-index Magnetic ANomaly), PES (Perpetual Environmental Station), and LEMS (Luleå Environmental Monitoring Station). The possible uses of PES for monitoring the changes in submarine permafrost and Arctic environment, and the application of METABOLT for monitoring Methane gas release were of particular interest.
In the coming months, the collaboration is supposed to be strengthening further through more of such meetings.