GAS “Research Communication” Ph.D. Course

LTU GAS Ph.D. Candidate Miracle Israel Nazarious
guiding the METABOLT experience to some
Pörsoskolan students. | Credits: GAS

As a part of the GAS Science Communication strategy, training is a crucial point to improve the researcher’s communication skills. The previous experience of GAS in this field will be shared with other SRT Ph.D. Students to learn how to interact with different kinds of audiences as funding institutions, companies, educators, journalists, social media followers, etc… Some of the main results of the projects implemented by GAS in terms of education and communication will be introduced in a novel course, which will be imparted by Dr. José Antonio Gordillo, based on the research communication experience that he has implemented at the GAS group for the past two years. It is the first time that this kind of training is provided in a University.

In this course, Ph.D. students will acquire some basic skills and tools to identify, connect and involve some specific target audiences in their research projects. An aspect to be highlighted is the participation of real audiences in the course thanks to local partners involved in the course as LTU Gant Office, LTU Business, Artic Business Incubator, Kideus, New Scientist Festival, Samhällsmediciniska enheten I Norrbotten or Kråkbergsskolan. Ph.D. students will learn too how to design an efficient communication strategy to make their research topic relevant in terms of real social needs

Today science institutions as universities or research institutes are living a revolution in the way they create, share, teach and transmit the knowledge to society. An “Open Science” paradigm is replacing quickly the classical model based on information scarcity, individual training, expertise hierarchy, hypothesis testing approach and peer-review publications. Phenomena as digitalization, Open Access data or science crowdsourcing have changed radically how science is conceived, practice and distributed. This course is the first step to introduce researchers to this new frame to do their work differently and improve their social impact.

Registering for SRT PhD student in: jose.antonio.gordillo.martorell@ltu.se