GAS starts collaboration with the Pheasant Memorial Laboratory at Misasa, Japan

PML logo | Credits: PML

Professors Javier Martin-Torres and Maria-Paz Zorzano visited the Pheasant Memorial Laboratory of the Okayama University at Misasa, Japan. They imparted two seminars: about how water can be produced in Mars and about HABIT. During this visit Professor Martin-Torres has been named Specially Appointed Professor at the Institute for Planetary Materials in Okayama University. This enhances the collaboration between PML (1) and GAS, that has as main goals to expand the Planetary Material view of the Japanese researcher’s group not only within the analytical aspect, but also in the physical and engineer fields.

Seminar given by Prof. Maria-Paz Zorzano Mier | Credits: PML
The PML Workshop attendants | Credits: PML
Seminar given by Chaired Prof. Javier Martin-Torres | Credits: PML