International Mars Debate at LTU

The International Debate on Mars Exploration and Research (The Mars Debate) will be held next 14th-16th November at Luleå University of Technology (Luleå campus) with the participation of expert scientists from all over the world, and representatives of different spaces agencies and space institutions, organizations and Offices. During three days of intense sessions the participants at The Mars Debate will be discussing about the next steps to be taken regarding Mars exploration, with the aim of posing the basic guidelines to be follow by the future missions.

The debate, which has been organised by the Group of Atmospheric Science (GAS), will be structured around the hottest topics to be faced for the upcoming missions to Mars. Some of them are absolutely novel and have arisen with the ultimate advances in the exploration of the planet, as is the case of the sample return prospects, the planetary protection issues raised by the new discoveries regarding habitability, or the path to be follow for the planning of manned missions in the future. In any case, all are highly controversial, and a consensus about them is still far from being reached.

The discussion topics are in particular:

The attendees, (both on-line and face to face) will work on a team in one (or several) of the 6 proposed topics, to reach a common consensus or set of recommendations. The conclusions consensually reached will constitute the contents, in form of articles, for a special issue of the journal Astrobiology.

GAS has organised this meeting from the conviction that this is the best way to promote a unique advance on Mars exploration, by providing a friendly and free-speech framework for debate and collaboration among researchers, engineers, and institutions from different disciplines related to Mars exploration and research. This is the first edition of hopefully many to come Mars Debates organized by GAS.

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