KORE rover takes a 3D printable image of the Mars debate attendees!

KORE (KOmpact Rover for Exploration) rover, a project developed by the Group of Atmospheric Science, was the starring character for a while during the celebration of the Debate on Mars Exploration and Research, which tool place at LTU’s Luleå campus last 14th-16th November.

KORE is a versatile robot that offers a wide range of applications, both scientific and industrial ones. It is now equipped with the InXpace3D mapping system, another project of GAS which has been tested twice in the MINAR 5 and MINAR 6 campaigns at the Boulby mine, UK. InXpace 3D mapping is meant to be applied in image analysis for a widely diverse kind of studies and applications, which include its eventual use in Mars and Moon exploration. In MINAR 6 campaign, it has been used, as part of the KORE instrumentation payload, to provide support for everyday mining activities, such as remote exploration of new areas within the mines for its further expansion in terms of geological considerations, safety issues, and overall environmental impacts.

On this occasion, KORE met the participants in the Debate on Mars Exploration and took a 3D image of the whole group that was printed afterward at the INSPIRE Lab.

The participants of the Debate on Mars Exploration and Research around KORE and the printing of the 3D image the rover took of them.
Credits: Group of Atmospheric Science/LTU