Inspiring “pizza evenings” for future engineers

Formation of an "ice stupa" in Ladakh
Credit: Himalayan Institute of Alternatives

Professor Lars-Göran Westerberg, LTU faculty program director for the space engineering program, of the Division of Fluid Mechanics and Experimental Mechanics, and Assistant Professor Torbjorn Lofqvist, Assistant Professor of EISLAB have invited the Group of Atmospheric Science (GAS) to be part of the new informal motivational sessions called “pizza evenings”.

In these sessions PhD. Students and Post-Doc scholars from different research groups are introduced to some different topics in an informal evening format, around a pizza or snack.

The SpaceQ Chamber | Credits: GAS

The inspirational sessions will be done on May 9th with the lectures of GAS PhD. Students Abhilash Vakkada titled “Mars, an unknown world to discover (on Earth)” and of GAS Post Doc scholar Shaktiman Singh about changing climate and cryosphere: From Himalayas to Scandinavia.

This approach to education and communication is part of the GAS pedagogical and outreach methodology, which is founded on cooperative learning, with practical cases and interaction between peers as well as between people with different interests and backgrounds to promote individual creativity, self-esteem and initiative and to promote community building.

GAS PhD. Student Abhilash Vakkada during his lecture “Mars, an unknown world to discover (on Earth)”. Credits: GAS

GAS Post-Doctoral Scholar Shaktiman Singh introducing his topic about “Changing climate and cryosphere: From Himalayas to Scandinavia. My personal scientific journey”. Credits: GAS