Official inauguration of INSPIRE Lab

The Instrumentation for Space and Planetary Investigation, Resources and Exploration Lab (INSPIRE Lab), has been officially inaugurated on the occasion of the opening of the “Mars week” at Luleå University of Technology. The event counted on the attendance of the members of the HABIT science team, who are holding their first meeting these days. They could see an exhibition of the different projects which are being developed by Atmospheric Science Group.
The INSPIRE Lab is a laboratory designed and equipped with all the relevant hardware and software tools to create a multidisciplinary design environment, providing effective communication, data interchange, and engineering tools, so that our team members (staff, Master students, and PhD candidates) can work concurrently in the design and developing of prototypes for space research and exploration.
This facility will be a reference not only for the progress of HABIT in some aspects of its development, but also for other projects the Group is carrying out.

INSPIRE Lab is the threshold of the research carried out by Atmospheric Science Group.

Students and Personnel from LTU enjoying the exhibition together with the Atmospheric Science Group members