Inspirational HABIT

While the HABIT Flight Model instrument was passing the final calibration and validation tests in the Clean Room environment of Omnisys Instruments, GAS implemented a workshop with high school students, this day, with a practical-case, was used as a learning tool and a motivational example for them in STEM. The educational and outreach concept named “From laboratory to the classroom” is a unique strategy that permits to reach different kinds of target audiences allowing them to live in real time something that is happening at the same time, at a professional level, as in this case the preparation for the ExoMars2020 mission.

HABIT workshop in Kråkbergsskolan
Credits: GAS

On June 11th Miracle Israel Nazarious, PhD candidate of GAS –also involved in the HABIT calibration tasks- guided an educative workshop based on HABIT prototyping with high schools students of Kråkbergsskolan. They learnt some features of Mars and got introduced to some current topics of research. They chose lava tubes areas to design their instruments because they seem to be extremely interesting for them as a potential life environment. A “spider” drone with a microscope on board and a combination of a Rover and a drone with solar panels and autonomy to work inside and outside the caves are examples of some of the prototypes designed by the students. The results of the post-activity evaluation survey showed a high level of achievement from the attendants in terms of involvement (43,75% of the participants) science learning (56,25%) and changes in the previous conception about space (56,25%). 56,25% considered the activity as very positive, 37,5% will recommend the activity to their family, friends, etc… and 31,25% would like to repeat the workshop.

HABIT is also an efficient tool to inspire Gymnasium students to improve their space vocations. On June 12th Miracle gave a welcome lecture to share his space passion and personal HABIT experience with high school students from Stockholm. The lecture was a fascinating journey about some of the milestones in space exploration. Miracle Israel Nazarious introduced to them the current state of the art of the so-called golden-age of space exploration. The students learned about the multiple professional potentials of this sector, to work not only as engineers or researchers but also as architects, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, artists etc…

Some moments and prototypes from the HABIT workshop in Kråkbergsskolan. | Credits: GAS

Miracle’s welcome lecture for high school students inspiration. | Credits: GAS