Dr. Bhardwaj to join Cogent Geosciences editorial board

Anshuman Bhardwaj, Senior Lecturer of the Group of Atmospheric Science, has been invited to permanently join the editorial board of the Cogent Geosciences Journal, one of the open access publications of the online editor Taylor & Francis. Dr. Bhardwaj will apply his expertise in glaciology and remote sensing to the review, selection and edition of the submissions received by the publication concerning these research areas.

Cogent Geosciences is a multidisciplinary journal comprising several sections, namely, Atmospheric Sciences, Geoinformatics, Hydrosphere, Solid Earth Sciences and Space and Planetary Sciences. Every project of those currently carried out by the Group’s members fits with some of these research areas, which provides an excellent new publication opportunity for the scientific achievements resulting from the mentioned projects. Furthermore, the involvement of Dr. Bhardwaj in the peer review process within this journal, which is itself a sign of the general acknowledgement of his work, will undoubtedly reinforce the presence of the Atmospheric Science Group among the scientific community.
Taylor & Francis is a part of the Academic Publishing Division of Informa PLC, a wide open-access platform devoted to the spreading of knowledge in different fields. It is worth remarking that open access publications are the preferred channel of dissemination among the scientific community by the public research institutions. This attitude is based on the conviction that the knowledge acquired thanks to public funds should be shared without any constraints, not only for the scientists but for the general public.
Open access media offer the warranty of the peer review procedure to assure the value of the works published, and they go beyond the qualification based on the impact factor, adding new parameters to the assessment of the quality of a paper, such as those taken into account in the Altimetrics valuation system for instance.