Deep Space Gateway, next step forward into space

Atmospheric Science Group is submitting several proposals to Deep Space Gateway call, opened by European Space Agency for the selection of projects to be carried out along this ambitious series of missions, which will mean a big step forward in human space exploration and related science, regarding different research fields and technological development.

Artist rendering of the Deep Space Gateway station near the moon.
Credits: NASA

Deep Space Gateway is a joint initiative promoted by the space agencies involved in the International Space Station (ISS), namely, NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, JAXA (Japanese space agency), and CSA (Canadian Space Agency), consisting of the eventual establishment of a new crewed station near the moon this time. It is firstly conceived to be a testing ground for preparing future human missions in the environment in which they will take place: deep space. In this sense, Deep Space Gateway can be considered a crucial milestone in the way to Mars for manned missions.

Credits: ESA

It will constitute, in addition, a base for supporting missions to the moon and beyond, where the needed new technologies for the advance into deep space can be developed and tested. New opportunities for scientific research will be provided along the different phases of the project development in a number of areas, i.e. lunar science, deep space radiation, remote Earth observation, heliophysics, astronomy etcetera, so ESA published this call inviting to interested scientists to propose research and technological ideas which could be developed within the successive missions scheduled until the finalization of the project, and then in the station itself.
Atmospheric Science Group is going to contribute a number of proposals at this stage regarding different areas, both technological and scientific, with the hope of taking part in the realization of this venture on the forefront of space exploration, which will offer a whole new horizon of possibilities.