“Smart educative tools for climate change action” with Kråkbergsskolan students

Climate change is one of the most critical global issues of our time. The GAS group has designed a proactive activity to increase the awareness and understanding of the public on this topic. In the present pilot project, with the cooperation of Teknik College, GAS is trying to contribute to this important social debate of implementing specific co-creation and participatory methodologies and actions with target audiences, which in this case are high school students, and climate change researchers. This activity will first be presented at regional scale, in the near Arctic region of Sweden, working with a group of 13-16 years old students from Kråkbergsskolan, in Södra Sunderbyn.

The Scandinavian Lapland is one of the most vulnerable regions to the climate change due to its latitudinal location and polar amplification caused by climate feedbacks. The local resilience and adaptation largely depends on the knowledge and understanding of climate change in association to the changes observed in local landscapes. Keeping this as reference, on 22nd May, 2019 GAS glaciologist Shaktiman Singh will present a co-creation pilot project for climate change awareness called “Smart educative tools for climate change action”. The main goal of the project is to train the students and teachers to understand the climate change evidences based on long-term observed meteorological data from local weather station in association to the observed changes in local landscapes using GoogleEarth tools. The students will also be trained in environmental data gathering and analysis techniques to motivate them to think about “tailor-made” local solutions.

The project will be continued up to October 2019. During this time the target group will fill-in three different surveys, as well as personal interviews of the teachers and focus groups to identify possible changes in the student’s climate change perception and understanding.

This activity is part of the outreach activities of GAS to involve audiences of different age groups and sections of the society such as students, families, companies, journalists, digital audiences etc… in a knowledge co-creation process to improve their consciousness about the importance of their role in the climate change adaptation and mitigation and on the relevance of the atmosphere for Earth.

GAS researcher Shaktiman Singh interacting with Kråkbergsskolan students. | Credits: GAS