Blixtlåset is a Swedish national competition that tries to improve the innovation thinking and culture in High School second year students who follow the Technical and industrial technology program. The competition includes four regional finals whose winners will qualify to the national final in Stockholm in May 16th.

2019 Blixtlåset has been a pilot year in Norrbotten, trying to make the competition a natural part of the curriculum, and to demonstrate that it can be implemented annually. In Norrbotten Region the participants come from Luleå, Piteå, Boden and Kalix High Schools. The Group of Atmospheric Science (GAS) of Luleå University of Technology has been invited by the Teknik Collegeand Teknikens Hus together with other LTU researchers to show them an example of innovation in their own expertise area, as for GAS space instrument design

Around 160 High School students have visited the GAS INSPIRE Lab and Mars Hab to figure out the “backstage” of HABIT as example of innovative space instrument. The students were attended by GAS PhD Miracle Israel Nazarious who explained them some of the “secrets” in the building process of the instrument and some key points in Mars exploration. They were fascinated by the experience as can be seen in the results obtained in the student’s satisfaction surveys. A 38,81% of the total chosen the space as a prefer topic of the session followed by Robotics (20,90%) and Health (10,45%), and other 5 proposed innovation topics.

The regional final will be on March 28th in Luleå with GAS participation in the Jury. We are very excited waiting the innovative ideas of Blixtlåset finalists inspired by HABIT.

Topic preference of Blixtlåset participants

Source: Blixtlåset satisfaction survey

Copyright: Group of Atmospheric Science

GAS PhD Student Miracle Israel Nazarious introducing HABIT to Blixtlåset students in INSPIRE Lab