Professor María-Paz Zorzano lecture in the University of Auckland

Poster presentation of Vice
Chancellor's Lecture Series

On September 11th GAS Professor María-Paz Zorzano will give a lecture about the search for life in the Solar System in the 2019 University of Auckland Vice Chancellor's Lecture Series.

The Te Ao Mārama – Centre for Fundamental Inquiry is hosting this event, which this year includes three evening lectures and a panel discussion around the subject 'Perspectives on Life in the Universe'. The cycle tries to show how new developments in astrobiology, astrophysics and fundamental science are expanding our understanding of the origin and evolution of the Universe, from the Solar System to ‘exoplanet’ worlds so far away they almost defy imagination.

Professor María-Paz Zorzano will explain how exactly scientists are tackling the search for extraterrestrial life in all the nooks and crannies of our Solar System. In the lecture, the expert will talk about what life needs to survive and flourish and reviews past, present and future missions to find “alien life”. On the 10th she will participate in a debate that will be chaired by Kim Hill, from Radio New Zealand, and on the 12th María-Paz will also give a seminar at the university about the “Deep Space Exploration: Mars, the Moon and Sample Return”.

Te Ao Mārama – the Centre for Fundamental Inquiry is a very prestigious, cross-disciplinary center interested in questions that transcend disciplinary boundaries as what is the origin of life, is our universe part of a much larger multiverse or what types of planets circle other stars in our galaxy. The main goal of the center is to inspire researchers to tackle these topics and foster collaboration between them, crossing disciplinary boundaries.

Professor María-Paz taking part in a debate of a very famous radio show the day before her conference. | Credits: GAS
Professor María-Paz astrobiology lecture presentation. | Credits: GAS