GAS field site campaign in Kärkevagge, the “Secret stone valley” in Swedish Lapland

The field site campaign carried out by GAS at Kärkevagge took place for five days between 24 and 30 August, 2019. The team was composed of Anshuman Bhardwaj, Lydia Sam, Shaktiman Singh, Juan Antonio Ramirez, and Martha Schuchardt -Intern from Germany-DAAD fellow from Humboldt University of Berlin.

They have several scientific goals and highlights to achieve as the initiation of new glaciological research within Sweden by identifying a past glacial valley which can be regularly mapped and monitored through high-resolution photogrammetry, geomorphological, and thermal mapping of the glacial and periglacial landscape. Mars analogue research is also a part of this campaign. The idea is to map and start monitoring periglacial features as a Martian analog. The scientific expedition is using for the first time a thermal and photogrammetry camera simultaneously for such kind of research.

The Kärkevagge valley means the “secret stone valley” as it is full of the landforms from past glaciation and thus is the perfect place to carry out this kind of research. Abisko Research Station is located very close to the field sites and also makes the field logistics for the group very easy. It is also a start to form new research collaborations in that region.

In this campaign, the drone technology plays an important role. The drone is provided with a high-resolution thermal camera on-board for generating thermal profiles of the landforms during repeat observations. This will also help the researchers to observe the dynamics of the glacial land-forms during the dark.

Views of the campaign place | Credits: GAS
Views of the campaign place | Credits: GAS