HABIT everywhere in Sweden

Is probable that during this summer if you go for a walk anywhere in Goteborg or Stockholm, if you take a bus in Luleå or Uppsala or if you read some of the main Swedish newspapers, you find an astronaut with a Mars image in the helmet front side and a HABIT logo in the shoulder from the Luleå University of Technology.

This nation-wide campaign is introducing the concept of HABIT with a twist of futuristic science fiction. This is the astronaut of our dreams, the imaginary astronaut on Mars that in the future shall use a HABIT instrument for in-situ-resource-utilization to capture water from the atmosphere, and also as a local environmental station to assess the potential habitability at the site of landing.

This campaign will introduce t the HABIT instrument of the Luleå University of Technology, to the general public. HABIT will fly on-board the ExoMars 2020 mission to Mars in July 2019, only one year from now. We are starting our own countdown. The campaign coincides with other communication initiatives such as HABIT Tour promoted by GAS from last November with the same objective.