HABIT tour, one year touring space science

HABIT tour is s space communication tool using an innovative format based on a face-to-face interaction with all types of audiences using hands-on resources form them as mock ups, every-day life objects, replicas, etc… It is the first European touring exhibition done as a part of a current space mission –ExoMars 2020-.

HABIT tour was created to feed the curiosity and engage children, families, educators, and journalists in space research and technology in general and in Mars exploration. It is a low-cost resource and very efficient in terms of flexibility and adaptation to any: (i) location (from high schools to science centers, from airports to shopping centers, from universities to libraries),; (ii) audience (from children to families, from space fans to makers, from educators to space companies); and (iii) needs (from improvement of science and technology vocations to educative projects co-creation, from high-quality feedback for journalist to friendly hands-on content resource in Science Centers and festivals).

After one year, the HABIT Tour has visited different Swedish and UK institutions of events related to space research and communication -Umevatoriet, KTH and Malmö University, SciFest Uppsala, The International Science Festival of Göteborg- and also cultural spaces as libraries, and the Luleå airport.

These are some of the top line statistics of this year´s HABIT Tour:

  • Number of people who know about HABIT: 239,606 people (including children, teenagers, university students, educators, journalists, space researchers, science communicators, families, makers, astronomy associations and open technology fans).
  • Number of digital educative resources downloaded from the HABIT Tour website: 523.
  • Number of news published in the GAS website: 13 (including this one).
  • Number of workshops done: 10.
  • Number of spin-off projects –do your own HABIT model to improve it in some way-: 11 (one for ten years old children, 2 for high school students of Stockholm related to architecture on Mars 2 from high school teachers and six from Luleå families).
  • 3 Congress presentations (Falling Walls, SSEAS, NORTEAS).
  • 1 paper in 3rd Symposium on Space Educational Activities, September 16-18, 2019, Leicester, United Kingdom (1 more pending of review in Journal of Open Education Studies Journal).
  • After these positive results, HABIT tour will continue around Sweden in a second edition that will start in the Ice Hotel and will finish in July 2020 in Luleå Hamn Festival, with the broadcasting of the launching of ExoMars 2020 mission from Baikonur. During this second tour, the exhibition will visit places like the New Scientist Live North Festival in Manchester, Universeum, The International Science Festival of Göteborg, the Innovatum Science Center and Lund University.

    Some moments of the first HABIT Tour year in different places of Sweden and UK | Credits: GAS Group