HABIT tour returns back home to start a second year tour!

The Sci-Fi novel by Robert
A. Heinlein which will open
the “”Tisdagar på Mars”

After its visit to the United Kingdom (Leicester and London) , HABIT Tour comes back home and will stay during one month at one of the most important cultural centers of Luleå: Kulturens Hus.

From October 22nd to November 16th everybody in Luleå community is invited to interact with the HABIT Tour at the Kulturens Hus Library. There you will know more about this very unique Swedish instrument that will fly to Mars as a part of ExoMars 2020 mission.

The HABIT Tour installation will be complemented with an interesting educative and cultural program focused on Mars exploration. This is an program for all ages. GAS-LTU Team members will guide some workshops for families to learn about Mars using ingredients from your kitchen to make craters and volcanos (October 28th at 13:00), create their own version of HABIT using a 3D Printer (October 30th at 18:00) or to teach people how to build their own Martian instrument with very simple materials (November 9th at 13:15).

Also, people who like science fiction novels will have the chance to share their passion and discuss about questions as habitability on Mars, life searching, planetary protection, in-situ resources utilization or colonization. That will be at the Readers Corner Tisdagar på Mars” organized by the Library “. The first Mars Science fiction novel to be discusses will be “Red planet” by Robert A. Heinlein on November 5th at 17:00 at the Library. Every month from November 2019 to March 2020 (5/11, 3/12, 7/1, 4/2 and 3/3, always at 17:00) a famous science fiction novel will be introduced by the Science Communication Project Manager of GAS, José Antonio Gordillo Martorell, to debate some important topics in Mars exploration.

HABIT Tour installation on the entrance of Kulturens Hus Library | Credits: GAS Group
Children doing Martian craters and volcanoes guided by GAS researcher Samuel Konatham | Credits: GAS Group
A moment of the HABIT 3D Print workshop. | Credits: GAS Group